Parramatta Light Rail will provide a boost to businesses, with around 28,000 people expected to get on and off light rail services everyday by 2026, with busy stops located in and around the Parramatta CBD on Eat Street and Parramatta Square.

Understanding Businesses

Transport for NSW recognises the importance of supporting and managing impacts on business before and during construction. The Parramatta Light Rail team is working closely with businesses to ensure they have the information and support they need.

Parramatta Light Rail place managers work directly with business owners to provide information and updates on the project, answer any questions and ensure issues are identified early and solutions developed.

More than 330 businesses (approximately 85 per cent of businesses at street level) along the Parramatta Light Rail route have been surveyed to gain a better understanding of how they operate, including information on deliveries, hours of operation, where their customers come from and how they currently promote their businesses.

Eat Street Guarantee

Transport for NSW is committed to working with local businesses before and during construction of the Parramatta Light Rail. Following extensive consultation with the local business community, Parramatta’s Eat Street (defined as Church Street, between Palmer and George Streets) has been given a guarantee that major light rail construction work will not begin until 2020. This gives local businesses as much certainty, time and support as possible to prepare for light rail construction.

Business Activation

Building in the heart of existing communities involves significant challenges. The Parramatta Light Rail Business Activation Plan has been developed to bring life and vitality into the Parramatta CBD and across the wider area by promoting local businesses, events and activities.

The Plan has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders including Transport for NSW’s Sydney Coordination Office, City of Parramatta Council, Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and the Business Reference Group.

For more information, refer to ‘Activate Parramatta’: A business activation plan.

Business Reference Group

The Parramatta Light Rail Business Reference Group gives local businesses, community members and stakeholders the opportunity to share advice and collaborate on initiatives that will support businesses across Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail alignment during construction and through to operations of the light rail.

For more information, refer to the list of Business Reference Group members.

NSW Small Business Commissioner

The NSW Small Business Commissioner speaks up for and supports small businesses, particularly during periods of disruption. The team can assist small businesses through:

  • resolving disputes through mediation
  • better understanding commercial agreements, leases and contracts
  • advocating on behalf of small businesses, both within and outside government
  • providing advice on how to address important issues facing your business, such as infrastructure disruption and impacts of natural disasters

Get in touch with the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner by calling 1300 795 534 or emailing

Construction Grace Period

A construction grace period will be in place on Eat Street each summer, from the beginning of November to the end of January. During this period, construction hoardings will be removed and Transport for NSW will work with local businesses to deliver activities and events to attract people to the Parramatta CBD.

Business Support Services

Realise Business has been appointed by Transport for NSW to deliver free business support services to businesses affected by Parramatta Light Rail construction. Businesses will be offered support to help them maximise their potential, navigate the challenges of a changing environment and make the most out of the opportunities ahead.

Realise Business can help businesses develop proactive strategies for their business such as how to:

  • grow their brand awareness
  • adapt their business to reach new customers
  • get their business online
  • develop an engaging social media presence
  • create compelling marketing campaigns
  • build their marketing capability.

Realise Business distribute a monthly e-newsletter to share top tips, upcoming events, opportunities exclusively available to the Parramatta business community and highlighting one of the many businesses Realise Business is working with and the assistance and support that is being provided. Have a look at past issues here.

'When we received news about the Realise Business Support we jumped on the opportunity and it’s the best business decision I have made all year.  Sara, our Business Advisor, has opened my eyes to the opportunities and how to grow my business sustainably and systematically – it’s been a real mindset shift for me.’
Ian from Carlingford Automotive Mechanical Repairs.

For more information, contact Realise Business by calling 02 9545 5900 or emailing

Meet Realise Business Advisors

Sara Berry

Sara has worked as a marketing professional for 26 years across a number of industries including retail, professional services, restaurants, banking, insurance, travel and engineering. Sara is a small business owner and is experienced in creating tailored solutions to a specific business need. She works with small business owner’s to identify ways in which their business can cost effectively grow their brand and increase their relevance to the customer, and is a digital marketing specialist.

Katherine Blizard

With over 17 years in leadership roles in both the education and hospitality, Katherine has business in her blood. Katherine is passionate about small business, women in business, and social responsibility, and readily involves herself in events that help small business owners reach their potential. She is renowned for her bold marketing and business decisions, passion for high standards, customer loyalty, and innovation. Katherine offers a highly-relevant perspective that continues to encourage, teach and inspire business owners. Through her individual style and approach to coaching she has helped many small business owners to follow a more successful path.

Viktoria Darabi

Viktoria Darabi holds a Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism which combines the disciplines of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Gastronomy. She is a Food Culture Tourism Consultant within the Tourism, Events and Hospitality industries. As a Culinary Tourism Whisperer and Crusader, she has a keen eye for current and future trends in food and beverage. She blends a foodie’s soul, within a marketer’s mind, within an entrepreneur’s spirit. Viktoria has over three decades of experience as a small business owner and contractor, having worked with many types of small to medium businesses primarily in the artisan, events and food and beverage space.