Expressions of interest open for the project’s Aboriginal Heritage Focus Group

8 September 2020

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) invites Aboriginal people and groups who hold cultural knowledge relevant to determining the significance of Aboriginal objects and places for the Parramatta Light Rail project to be a part of the project’s Aboriginal Focus Group. Participation is voluntary.

The objective of the Aboriginal Focus Group is to:

  • Provide updates on the progress of the works and forthcoming activities
  • Provide updates on progress of the commitments made in the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report prepared for the Environmental Impact Statement (TfNSW, 2017)
  • Seek advice and input into issues relating to Aboriginal Heritage that relate to the project

Members of the Aboriginal Focus Group will be asked to contribute on various aspects of the project such as (but not limited to):

  • How and where to deposit Aboriginal objects/relics located during construction
  • Provide advice on relevant historical information associated to any objects located
  • Provide advice on areas impacted by the project
  • Share concerns and feedback in relation to the overall project

To register your interest, please contact Parramatta Connect with AFG in the subject line:

Registrations must be received in writing by Wednesday 30 September 2020.