Parramatta’s George St will become two-way in November

4 November 2019

As part of the Parramatta Light Rail program of works, Parramatta’s George Street between O’Connell Street and the Harris/MacArthur Street intersection will become a two-way road from 10pm on Friday 29 November.

These changes, while not directly along the Parramatta Light Rail route, are part of a package of works called ‘enabling works’ to upgrade roads and to make it easier for traffic to move efficiently in and around Parramatta.

Pedestrians are urged to be aware and look both ways before crossing when George Street becomes a two-way road. A pedestrian safety campaign will include footpath decals around key intersections; signage; and staff dressed in pink to assist customers and raise awareness about the changes.

Motorists will start to see traffic and parking changes from mid-November. From Friday 22 November, the parking and one lane of traffic along the southern side of George Street will be temporarily removed to allow motorists travelling east to become accustomed to travelling on the northern side of George Street.

Traffic controllers and police will be on hand to ensure the motorists and pedestrians can safely travel through George Street.

For more information, refer to the Enabling Road Works.