Recycling and reusing rail material for light rail

7 May 2020

More than 15000 metres of single rail, 13650 rail sleepers, 13000 metres of overhead wires and the track ballast from the closed T6 Carlingford Rail Line will be recycled and reused to construct the new Parramatta Light Rail.

Sustainability is top of mind for the project and these recovered components are in good condition for re-use.

This will mean using less resources, better time efficiencies, better environmental results and a more sustainable outcome for the community while delivering the Parramatta Light Rail.

The recycled components will provide approximately 30 per cent of the track required along the 12-kilometre light rail route.

On 5 January 2020, the single-track T6 Carlingford Rail Line permanently closed for the construction and conversion of the dual-track Parramatta Light Rail.