Women of history inspire Parramatta progress

24 June 2020

A second micro-tunnelling machine named ‘Elizabeth’ will travel up to 10 metres per day in the Parramatta CBD for the Parramatta Light Rail project, reducing noise and impact compared to street-level works.

Parramatta North Public School students Tanisha and Hibba came up with the name, citing Elizabeth Macquarie and Elizabeth Macarthur. 

“We researched famous Parramatta females from history and thought ‘Elizabeth’ was a great name as it represents two Parramatta women who played a significant role in the establishment of New South Wales."

‘Elizabeth’ will be launched from Centenary Square in the coming weeks and will work her way to Lennox Bridge, to build drainage and stormwater capacity.

For more information about how micro tunnelling works, visit micro tunnelling.