Works underway across the light rail route

19 February 2020

On 1 February 2020, Parramatta’s Church Street permanently closed to general traffic between Market and Macquarie Streets to allow for works to begin on the Parramatta Light Rail.

The permanent road closure has enabled our infrastructure works contractor, Parramatta Connect, to establish mobile work zones, and undertake utility relocations and site preparation work.

The street remains open to pedestrians and businesses continue to operate.

In addition to works in the Parramatta CBD, construction continues in the Westmead area, where we are collaborating with Westmead Redevelopment to widen Hawkesbury Road, while Indigenous and European heritage salvage works are starting in the Cumberland Campus this week.

You will continue to see work ramping up with fencing and hoardings installed along the future light rail route as new construction sites are established.

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