Parramatta Light Rail Stabling and Maintenance Facility construction to begin

26 March 2021

Major construction of the stabling and maintenance facility for the Parramatta Light Rail will begin in Camellia by the middle of this year, after the completion of a major remediation task to ensure the safety of workers, local environment and surrounding community.

The work to ensure the long-term future of the site has included the installation of an underground barrier wall around the site’s perimeter and a capping layer across the site as remediation measures, and carrying out significant ground improvement works.

The remediation works comprised the installation of a hydraulic barrier wall – up to 20 metres deep and over 1-kilometre long – around the perimeter of the site to prevent the spread of contaminants and a soil capping system with multiple layers of controls to prevent residual contamination rising to the surface. The work also included the removal of contaminated spoil and treatment of groundwater.

Ground improvement works were carried out by drilling more than 3,400 piles into the ground in close proximity to each other to enhance the load bearing capacity of the soil.

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