When augmented reality artwork came to Parramatta

26 August 2021

Parramatta Light Rail's augmented reality (AR) experience recently won Silver for 'Best Augmented Reality Experience' at the Australian Effects and Animation Festival 2021

Between December 2020 and March 2021, Parramatta was brought to life with a collection of AR artworks that were on display as part of Transport for NSW’s activation campaign.


Man is on a ladder painting a large canvas by the Parramatta River.
Artist Keith Stanley

In an effort to support local business and attract visitors into the Parramatta CBD, the AR artworks included an original creation by Shannon Boyd which was painted in front of a live audience, as well as a beach themed animation by Keith Stanley located on the Parramatta River foreshore. At the Riverside Theatres, Indigenous artist Geoff Sellman highlighted the journeys of eels as well as the connection of people through time, detailing how ‘Burramatta’ (the Dharug word for ‘Parramatta’, with ‘Burra’ meaning the Eel Ancestor of Parramatta and ‘matta’ meaning place) has always been a meeting place for people, animals and nature alike.


Indigenous mural display out the front of the Riverside Theatres.
Artist Geoff Sellman's work outside the Riverside Theatres.

Audiences were able to use their smartphones to create augmented reality effects across all the artworks, allowing them to interact with falling snow, breaking waves and swaying trees.  The innovative and participatory works created a juxtaposition of cutting-edge technology whilst celebrating the community’s connection to place.


Man paints a mural in the middle of Parramatta town centre.
Artist Shannon Boyd

Watch the video below to learn more and hear the artists involved speak about their experience.




Images courtesy of VANDAL.

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