Transport for NSW has installed the biggest new bridge on the Parramatta Light Rail project across James Ruse Drive in Rosehill. 

Weighing 1425-tonnes, 64-metres long and 16-metres high, the bronze-coloured steel arch structure was installed during a meticulous overnight engineering operation by four self-propelled modular transporters.

The bridge has become the state’s second longest steel arch bridge span, and will provide customers access to the new Tramway Avenue light rail stop on the western side of James Ruse Drive, and connect to the five-kilometre walking and bike-riding path along the Camellia to Carlingford corridor.

Help name the new iconic landmark for Western Sydney!

The community is now invited to provide suggested names for the new bridge. Naming major bridges provides a useful navigational reference, particularly when it spans a major arterial road such as James Ruse Drive. It also allows the community to recognise and celebrate cultural, historical and social connections in the area. 

Submissions close 30 July 2021.

Bridge Naming Consultation Panel 

A Bridge Naming Consultation Panel, consisting of invited key local stakeholders, will review and assess the suggestions received during the public consultation period. The Panel will provide a recommended name/s to Transport for NSW, who are the bridge naming authority in New South Wales.

What’s in a name?

The NSW Geographical Names Board recommends:

  • Bridge names should be easy to pronounce, spell and write.
  • The name should not exceed three words (including the term ‘bridge’) or 25 characters (an exception to this is in the use of Aboriginal names when it is accepted that a traditional name may at first appear to be complex but will, over time, become more familiar and accepted by the community).
  • Aboriginal names or historical personalities acknowledging the multicultural nature of our society, or recognising the heritage of an area such as the names of early explorers, farming pioneers and settlers are encouraged.
  • Discriminatory or derogatory names are not acceptable.

Transport for NSW will approve the recommended name provided that:

  • The name has wide community support
  • An Aboriginal name (if chosen) has the support of local Aboriginal groups
  • The name is consistent with Geographical Names Board place name criteria.

Celebrating Local Women

Throughout the planning and construction of the Parramatta Light Rail, there has been overwhelming feedback to celebrate local women, their history and their contribution to the development of Parramatta. We encourage the community to consider and submit any suggested local, female names.


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