Parramatta Light Rail recognised for ‘green track’ research

22 June 2022

Transport for NSW won two categories of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) NSW 2022 Awards in Sydney on 9 June for its research study ‘Green track for Parramatta Light Rail’.

Selected from a record number of 91 entries across 15 categories, Transport for NSW was named in both the ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Research, Policy & Communications’ categories for its 'transformative' thinking behind NSW’s first green track.

The Awards Jury commended the research study as follows:

A thorough and incredibly effective study that fundamentally shifts the traditional approach to transport as focused solely on the provision of ‘hard infrastructure’ for the purposes of mobility, and instead demonstrates the co-benefits of ‘living infrastructure’ in a way that is practical, scalable, replicable, and inspiring. The intellectual rigor and commitment to collaboration across disciplines such as engineering, climate science, soil, biodiversity and landscape architecture demonstrates a truly integrated and creative approach to design.

The problem-solving is elegant and unyielding, the outcome transformational and no-doubt one that will enable more sensitive and systems-based approaches to creating resilient, cool, and inspiring places in future.

Special acknowledgement to the project’s contributors: Gigi Lombardi, Ben Nacard, Yanos Fill-Dryden, Allison Thomas and Andrew Milne (Transport for NSW); as well as Sebastian Pfautsch and Vanessa Howe (Western Sydney University).

Winners at the State Awards level will proceed to the National Landscape Architecture Awards program held later this year.

View the 2022 NSW Winners gallery or read the AILA media release for more information.


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