Parramatta Light Rail partnership gives a fig about trees

16 December 2022

The Parramatta Light Rail project has joined forces with City of Parramatta Council to plant 76 native figs in nearby streets, parks, and reserves, as part of a greening initiative to plant at least 2500 new trees by 2024. 

The joint tree-planting initiative aims to expand the area’s tree canopies and improve biodiversity, and includes the cultivation of cuttings from three mature fig trees from Robin Thomas Reserve and a cluster of seven in Cumberland that had been removed for light rail construction.

Five mature figs are being planted in selected locations across the City of Parramatta to offset some of the removed trees and create instant tree canopies in the community for future generations.

The fig tree cuttings have grown over the past two years in a strict temperature controlled, sub-tropical environment to reach 1.5 metres tall and are being strategically located in appropriate spaces to improve shade, greenery and natural habitats.

Urban heat-mapping data will also be used to inform planting locations and support the long-term health and vitality of the trees. Find out more.

Fig tree
The cuttings have grown and matured at a local nursery


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