Boom! Gates are gone on Parramatta Road

29 January 2020

Motorists will no longer be held up by trains crossing one of Sydney’s busiest roads, with the removal of the last level crossing on Parramatta Road.

Parramatta Light Rail Program Director Anand Thomas said the level crossing on Parramatta Road at Granville was one of the last remaining in Sydney.

“With the closure of the 132-year-old T6 Carlingford Line on Sunday 5 January to make way for the Parramatta Light Rail, it was time to decommission this level crossing which regularly stopped traffic to make way for train services,” Mr Thomas said.

“This is fantastic news for thousands of motorists who travel on Parramatta Road, particularly during peak hours, with motorists previously having to stop two times an hour to let trains pass.”

“Around 70,000 vehicles travel in both directions each weekday on this busy stretch of Parramatta Road, so removing the level crossing will help keep this busy arterial road moving.”

The level crossing has been in place since the railway line was opened in 1888, while the historic signal box building dates to 1935. There are now less than ten active level crossings in Sydney, including seven on the Richmond line, one in Yennora and another in Fairfield.

The low frequency T6 Carlingford Line will be converted to the new Parramatta Light Rail, which will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia. The rail corridor from Clyde to Rosehill will not be converted to light rail and will be retained as a future public transport corridor. The Parramatta Light Rail is expected to open in 2023.

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