Parramatta CBD’s construction schedule released

23 October 2019

The Parramatta Light Rail construction plan for the city’s CBD, featuring innovative technology and inventive engineering, has been developed to minimise impact on local businesses as much as possible.

Major construction will begin in June 2020. From 1 February 2020, Church Street between Macquarie to Market Streets (including the ‘Eat Street’ dining strip) will become a pedestrian-only zone.

During this time, mobile work sites and temporary hoardings will be established along Church Street. A micro-tunnelling machine will construct drainage beneath the street from Centenary Square to the Parramatta River, to reduce noise and impact compared to street-level works.

Augmented reality and digital 3D technology is also being used to map underground utility services, which will provide real-time updates to inform construction planning.

Last but certainly not least, local businesses along Parramatta’s Eat Street will benefit from a construction ‘grace period’ to ensure that business owners, diners and shoppers do not experience constant construction works during the busy warmer months. From November 1 to January 31 each year, construction hoardings will be removed, outdoor tables and seating will be temporarily reintroduced, and Transport for NSW will work with local businesses to deliver activities and events to attract people to the Parramatta CBD.

For more information, refer to Parramatta Light Rail construction on ‘Eat Street’ in 2020 or media release innovative engineering aids local businesses.

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