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Preferred Parramatta Light Rail network unveiled

08 December 2015

The preferred route for the Parramatta Light Rail project has been unveiled, with the network to connect Parramatta’s CBD to the key hubs of Sydney Olympic Park, Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney University and Strathfield.

The NSW Government investigated four short-listed corridors for light rail in Western Sydney and the preferred network includes a combination of two of these options. The spine of the preferred route runs from Westmead to Strathfield via Parramatta CBD, and incorporating Camellia and Sydney Olympic Park.

A light rail line will also branch to Carlingford, replacing the existing heavy rail shuttle.

Work will now begin on a final business case and assessment of the preferred network. This work will include planning, design and consultation with key stakeholders along the network to develop the staging of the project, the exact light rail route and stops, and the final project cost.

A new light rail network will help Parramatta reach its potential as Sydney’s second CBD and be a major boost to existing public transport services in Western Sydney.

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