Sustainably on track

21 April 2021

Construction works to reuse materials from the former T6 Carlingford Rail Line, including ballast, sleepers and tracks, for the new Parramatta Light Rail have begun.

More than half of the ballast, 60% of the rail tracks and 50% of the sleepers were removed last year from the original single-track T6 Carlingford Rail Line. These will be reused along the five-kilometre Carlingford to Camellia corridor during construction of the new light rail.

In preparation for its reuse, more than 8,000 cubic metres of ballast was washed and rescreened to meet specifications for the Parramatta Light Rail. Once the laying of the ballast is complete, the team will install the sleepers followed by the rail tracks.

The reuse of these materials will reduce the Parramatta Light Rail’s carbon dioxide output by more than 3,500 tonnes and demonstrates the project’s commitment to achieving environmental and sustainable outcomes for the community while delivering the project.

Read the full media release here.

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