Tracking along the Parramatta Light Rail

22 November 2021

Track installation along the 12-kilometre Parramatta Light Rail is progressing with light rail track complete from Carlingford to Camellia, and Cumberland to North Parramatta.

With more than 85 per cent of track laid across the light rail alignment, the community will start to see areas of completed track installed which brings us one step closer to delivering this game-changing project for Greater Parramatta.

Along the five-kilometre Carlingford to Camellia corridor, the conversion from a single-track heavy rail line to dual-track light rail is well underway with track installation complete. More than half of the ballast, 60 per cent of the tracks and 50 per cent of the sleepers removed from the original rail line was recycled to convert the former rail corridor.

The light rail will transform the way people travel, particularly for residents along this corridor who will enjoy significantly reduced peak wait times from 30 minutes to only 7.5 minutes as a result of this conversion.

There is ongoing landscaping improvement works including tree-planting underway. Installation of overhead wiring and construction of light rail stops will take place in 2022.

Over in North Parramatta, more than 1.4 kilometres of double-track installation is also complete from the Cumberland Hospital stop to the Prince Alfred Square stop. The team is now focusing on landscaping, tree planting, road works and footpath paving.

Thank you to local residents and businesses, who have showed incredible support and patience while construction work continues as quickly as possible.

As part of final kerbing works, the team repurposed some of the historic sandstone blocks salvaged from the area, and more will be reused as work continues, to embed Parramatta’s unique history into the future of the city.

Major road work in the North Parramatta area, including the final traffic arrangement, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, and is expected to commence services in 2023.

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