Bidgee Bidgee Bridge recognised

17 November 2023

Bidgee Bidgee Bridge has been recognised as ‘Outstanding Transport Infrastructure Project’ by the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue at the annual Boomtown! 2023 Greater Western Sydney Awards. 

The light rail and active transport bridge was one of six new bridges delivered as part of Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1, and spans over James Ruse Drive in Rosehill. 

Bidgee Bidgee Bridge connects to the Parramatta Light Rail’s 5.7-kilometre shared walking and bike riding path between Carlingford and Parramatta. It also connects to the Rosehill Gardens and Tramway Avenue light rails stops on either end of the bridge.  

It is the state’s second longest steel arch bridge span at 64 metres long and 16 metres wide, and was installed in a meticulous overnight operation in 2021. 

More than 200 workers were involved in building and moving the 1425-tonne steel arch, which was crane-lifted into place in a meticulous overnight operation, which involved four self-propelled modular transporters to lift the structure. 

The bridge was officially named in 2022 after a local Aboriginal Elder, following an extensive community consultation process. The shared path over the bridge opened in May 2023 to improve the way people connect and move in Western Sydney. 

It was wonderful to see the bridge recognised for its contribution to growing Western Sydney’s transport infrastructure. Congratulations to all winners and finalists. 

The annual Boomtown! event celebrates transport, infrastructure and property projects that help to grow the cities of the West. Visit the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue website to find out more.  

Three men stand against a purple backdrop that says Boomtwon! the middle man holds a framed certificate

(L-R): Senior Project Manager Arvind Chaluvaiah, Project Director Craig Paterson and Transport for NSW Secretary Josh Murray.

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