Major construction on the Parramatta Light Rail is underway across the 12 kilometre alignment.

To allow for construction of the light rail, there have been some temporary changes to traffic and access in place. While this work continues, the team are planning for the permanent access changes when light rail is operational from 2024.

Community feedback on the design of the end state access was invited in June 2021 to help plan for the future of your local area. All feedback was carefully considered and a summary of the issues raised is available in the Parramatta Light Rail End State Local Access Community Consultation report here

To view the traffic and access arrangements, choose the area of interest and click on the corresponding map number from the list below.

Map of alignment divided into 16 sections with numbers.

Note design is subject to consultation and development as the project progresses.

  1. Hawkesbury Road/Railway Parade to Hawkesbury Road/Jessie Street, Westmead
  2. Hawkesbury Road/Jessie Street, Westmead to Cumberland precinct
  3. Cumberland precinct to Church Street/Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta
  4. Church Street/Pennant Hills Road to Lennox Bridge, Parramatta
  5. Lennox Bridge to Macquarie Street/Smith Street, Parramatta
  6. Macquarie Street/Smith Street to George Street/Purchase Street, Parramatta
  7. George Street/Macarthur Street to George Street/Alfred Street, Parramatta
  8. George Street/Alfred Street, Parramatta to James Ruse Drive/Grand Avenue, Rosehill
  9. James Ruse Drive/Grand Avenue, Rosehill to Camellia
  10. James Ruse Drive/Grand Avenue, Rosehill to Western Sydney University, Parramatta
  11. Western Sydney University, Parramatta to Dudley Street/Reserve Street, Rydalmere
  12. Dudley Street/Reserve Street, Rydalmere to Kissing Point Road, Dundas
  13. Kissing Point Road, Dundas to Adderton Road/Leamington Road, Telopea
  14. Adderton Road/Leamington Road to Adderton Road near Barrawinga Street, Telopea
  15. Adderton Road near Barrawinga Street, Telopea to Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford
  16. Pennant Hills Road to Boundary Road, Carlingford


Next steps

The project team is implementing traffic changes for the operation of light rail, including right turn restrictions at the following locations:

  • Church Street northbound to Pennant Hills Road
  • Victoria Road westbound to Church Street
  • Smith Street southbound to Macquarie Street.

We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses.

For specific access related queries including emergency access, waste collection, parking and loading zones, contact the project team on 1800 139 389 or email