We’re building the Parramatta Light Rail, one of the NSW Government’s major infrastructure projects to serve a growing Sydney. Navigating Parramatta has become easier with road and traffic intersection upgrades completed.

Completed enabling road works

Enabling Works

'Enabling works' is the term used for construction works such as the relocation of underground utilities, the modification or installation of traffic lights, road widening, the redirection of traffic flows and changes to parking, to modify and improve the capacity of the existing traffic network.

Road upgrades and improvements

Transport for NSW has conducted these works to enable the building and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail, and to mitigate the impacts of construction. Most of the Parramatta Light Rail enabling works have been completed along roads that do not form part of the Parramatta Light Rail route.

  • O’Connell Street between Barney and Albert Streets in North Parramatta has been widened to four lanes
  • George Street between O'Connell and Harris Streets in the Parramatta CBD has been converted from a one-way street to a two-way street 

The new and upgraded roads will increase road capacity and make it easier for traffic to move in and around the Parramatta area.

North Parramatta

Traffic changes

To increase traffic capacity on O’Connell Street and connections to the north, O'Connell Street has been widened to four lanes from Barney Street to Albert Street, which included the conversion of parking lanes to traffic lanes and addition of median strips which will restrict some turning movements.

Upgraded intersection at Church Street and Barney Street:

  • West of Church Street, an additional eastbound lane has been created on Barney Street as well as a new left-turn lane, enabling traffic movement from Barney Street to Church Street.
  • West of Church Street, an additional westbound lane has been added on Barney Street, as well as a new right-turn lane enabling traffic movement from Church Street to Barney Street.



  • Traffic lights installed at the intersection of Dunlop Street and Church Street, and the intersection of Dunlop Street and O’Connell Street.

Upgraded intersection at O'Connell Street and Victoria Road:

  • A second left-turn-only lane has been created on Victoria Road at the O’Connell Street intersection.
  • The right-turn-only lane on southbound O’Connell Street at Victoria Road has been removed, and a dedicated left-turn-only lane installed at the same intersection.
  • The traffic signals upgraded at O’Connell Street and Victoria Road.


Utility works

Utility relocation and upgrade works has taken place in the following locations:

  • O’Connell Street, including the intersections at Barney Street, Dunlop Street, Factory Street, Albert Street, Victoria Road and George Street.
  • Barney Street, including the Church Street intersection.
  • The intersection of Dunlop and Church Street.
  • Victoria Road, between O’Connell Street and Marist Place.

Enabling Works have been completed to upgrade roads and increase road capacity to make it easier for traffic to move in and around Parramatta.

Parramatta CBD

Traffic changes

To offset the loss of westbound lanes in Macquarie Street due to the future light rail route, George Street in the Parramatta CBD has become two-way, efficiently moving traffic through the heart of Parramatta and redistributing traffic volumes across the local road network.

The Gasworks Bridge underpass accessed via George Street has been closed to general traffic, expanding the public domain of the Parramatta River Foreshore Reserve.

Works will include the addition of a through-lane and shared through/left-hand-turn from George Street onto Macarthur Street, and a dedicated right-hand turn from George Street onto Harris Street.

Changes you will see

  • George Street has been converted from a one-way street to a two-way street between the O’Connell Street and Harris Street intersections.
  • Parking has been modified to facilitate road changes.
  • The intersection has been upgraded at O’Connell Street and George Street to accommodate the new two‑way configuration.
  • The intersection has been upgraded at George, Harris and Macarthur Streets.

Utility works

  • Utility works has been completed on George Street, including the intersections at O’Connell Street, Horwood Place, Barrack Lane, Charles Street and Harris Street, and on Harris Street, between George Street and Macquarie Street.

Enabling Road Works Map

Enabling Road Works Map