The Parramatta Light Rail will provide frequent, reliable light rail services for the Greater Parramatta region and is expected to take the equivalent of 25,000 cars off the road by 2041. To enable the construction and operation of light rail, parking along the route and its surrounding streets will be removed or changed.

How many spaces will be removed?

During construction and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail, around 860 parking spaces will be permanently removed or changed along the route and surrounding areas. Where possible, parking spaces will be reinstated, with around 170 spaces for specific use (such as accessible parking, loading and taxi zones) relocated to adjacent streets.

Why are these spaces being removed?

To enable the construction and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail, parking spaces along the route will need to be removed or relocated to provide space for the light rail corridor and to retain traffic lanes where required. Parking in surrounding areas may also be lost to accommodate supporting works such as road widening and traffic changes.

What other parking will be available?

Transport for NSW has conducted parking assessments and found that parking spaces are under-utilised in most areas in Parramatta . For example, peak demand usage of on-street parking in the Parramatta CBD is at around 70 per cent, indicating that suitable parking should be available during and after construction.

The City of Parramatta Council’s Parramatta CBD Public Car Parking Strategy further identifies ways to better utilise and manage existing CBD car parking facilities, as well as relocate all-day parking further from the centre of the CBD.

When will the impacts take effect?

Road works and traffic changes associated with Parramatta Light Rail construction have begun. The loss of parking spaces will occur gradually and will apply as construction commences in each area.


What is being done to limit the loss of parking spaces?

Transport for NSW is working with the City of Parramatta Council and the Transport Coordination Office to identify feasible and reasonable parking management measures. This involves ongoing work to refine the project design and assess traffic to reduce the extent of parking loss.


How is the community being informed?

Parramatta Light Rail is working with the community, including residents and local businesses, to ensure they are fully informed and updated on any temporary or permanent impacts to parking.